Nydam 600 Aluboat with 100 hk

The aluminum boat Nydam 600 is a very solid boat of 6 meters, with a larger chartplotter and engine than the other boats. This boat is approved for 6 people and has a 100 liter fixed tank. This boat is delivered with a full fuel tank and will be returned with a full fuel tank. It also has a windshield and is equipped with petrol-powered net tails / line tails. In all our boats there are echo sounders, gps, oars and dregg. The boat is inspected by the tenant and the landlord before you get a key to the boat. We lend life jackets for free when renting a boat. Price per day: 1600 NOK.
REMEMBER: Everyone born after January 1, 1980, must have a boat driver's license to operate this boat.

Nydam 600


Nydam aluminum boat 600 with 100 hp

Kr 1600,-